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Associate & Bodies

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Associate & Bodies

Sr. No. Sub Ordninate Offices Functions
1 Distribution Companies (DISTCO)

Distribution of power in the State at 33 K.V. & below

2 Engineer-in-Chief and Principal Chief Inspector (E.I.C. and P.C.I.)

Inspection of Electrical Installation, Survey and investigation of new Power Projects, Collection of Electricity Duty, Inspection fee etc.

3 Orissa Power Generation Corporation Limited (OPGC)

Thermal Power Generation, R & M works of Thermal Power Stations.

4 Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Limited (OHPC)

Hydro Power Generation, R & M works of Hydro Power Stations.

5 Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO)

Power Trading, Bulk Supply of Power to Distribution Companies

6 Orissa Power Transmission Company Limited (OPTCL)

Transmission of Electricity at 132 K.V. and above