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Subordinate Office  

Subordinate offices Functions
Orissa Power Transmission Company Limited (OPTCL) Transmission of Electricity at 132 K.V. and above
Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO) Power Trading, Bulk Supply of Power to Distribution Companies
Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Limited (OHPC) Hydro Power Generation, R & M works of Hydro Power Stations.
Orissa Power Generation Corporation Limited (OPGC) Thermal Power Generation, R & M works of Thermal Power Stations.
Engineer-in-Chief and Principal Chief Inspector (E.I.C. and P.C.I.) Inspection of Electrical Installation, Survey and investigation of new Power Projects, Collection of Electricity Duty, Inspection fee etc.
Distribution Companies (DISTCO) Distribution of power in the State at 33 K.V. & below